About Me

Hi, I'm Bo Bambridge

My extensive journey as a runner over the past 15 years has fostered a love of movement. I've grown from completing a local 5km, to pushing myself to marathons and even ultra-marathons.

My growth from a beginner has been full of hurdles but I've always got enjoyment from getting out there, and experiencing the mental health benefits to be gained from getting some fresh air and some exercise.

I'm passionate that everyone should be given the opportunity to move at their own pace, to complete their personal goals. I would love to help you on this journey, whether you're someone that has never exercised before, trying to get back into running or an experienced runner attempting to reach the next level. I'm proud to say my current clients are a diverse bunch, able to inspire eachother through our unique journeys.

And as a Qualified Leader in running fitness, I can coach you to achieve your goals, this with the support of Run England who support grassroots fitness, with through their science based and very brilliant Run Together program.

Park Run...

Warming up...