What brought you here? Do you want to start moving and need some help? Are you looking for like-minded local people to get out and run with? We each have a goal and an idea in mind of what we think we want to do. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be led too much by what social media thinks we ought to be doing, for example running a 5km within 6 weeks. It can be so disheartening when we try to form new habits we believe will be good for us, but fall early and struggle to continue and give up if it all appears too hard to accomplish alone. I want to help you re-think those goals, perhaps make them more manageable or over a longer time frame. 

There are many questions that I am asked: "Can you help me from a standing start? I can’t run, but I know I really need to get moving for health reasons”; “I’m ok at running but would like to get faster I’ve plateaued”; “Do you have a class, I don’t want to run on my own”; and “Help - I ran a marathon in my 20s but in my 40s all I’ve lost all willpower to exercise and my doctor is telling me I need to make a new start".  

Does this sound familiar? Then I can help.

We can do this with one-to-one sessions, which would include a weekly meet, homework to support these meets and accessibility to lots of helpful content. Visit my session page for more details. If you are after a movement or a running class, and want to go with the safety of a led group in your area then there are lots of different classes available.

Let's get moving!