Whilst it is my main goal to help my clients get to where they want to be, it is a joint effort and we work as a team to achieve those goal so it is wonderful to get feed back and testimonials from clients that feel the same way.

Client Testimonials

Inclusive PT turned out to be just what I was looking for after a long period of little to no exercise. Our instructor Bo is so  knowledgeable and structures the lessons to work on strength and flexibility, always being mindful of our abilities. I am feeling the benefits all over, my posture has improved and my muscles are more toned. I really look forward to the lessons each week, and would recommend them to anyone looking to get back into exercise."

Bo is a total star, she's really inspired me to get moving, from those first baby steps of a 30 second jog intervals, I've never looked back and I suppose now I can be proud and say I'm a runner" Chris P 2021

"  Fantastic way to start a Sunday! Fresh air, great exercise, wonderful company. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way to add a workout session to their weekly running routine. Much better than the 30 min workouts on my phone" Isabel M 2021

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